Sustainable manufacturing has always been at the forefront of our business and all of our products are Recoverable, Reusable, Repairable and Recyclable.

Preserving our environment is a global concern and wood products have come a long way in being removed from the waste stream.

Martin Pallets plays a pivotal role in contributing to changes to the supply chain industry, impacting positively on the environment as a whole.

  1. Wood pallets are one of the most sustainable and reusable packaging solutions available. Using recycled pallets prevents trees from being cut down, can be reused multiple times and have a high recycle rate.
  2. The sustainability of wood pallets is proven as they are mostly produced from specially-grown trees. This means that deforestation and similar environmental concerns are not typically caused by pallet manufacturing. Instead, trees are planted for the sole purpose of being cut into lumber which is then used in new pallets, making pallets a renewable and green resource.
  3. Wood pallets appear to be one of the most recycled supply chain packages available, with studies showing over 95% of pallets avoid landfills worldwide, due to companies like Martin Pallets providing this recycling service. On average, we ourselves up cycle over 350,000 wood pallets annually, saving a huge amount of product from landfill each year.
  4. Wood pallets have also been proven to be carbon net-negative. When carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere, this is known as a net-positive carbon emission. Over a pallet’s lifetime, a pallet can actually reduce more greenhouse gas emissions than it produces if it is recycled properly.
  5. Recycling wood pallets places less reliance on plastic pallets. The more timber pallets in circulation, the less we need to rely on plastics as part of the supply chain.
We intend to drive our business forward and ensure our operations in the lifecycle of wood pallets is extended to its absolute maximum in the future.

Martin Pallets Ltd. is a Repak approved Recovery Operator. We deliver the recycling and recovery of packaging waste for Ireland.




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